Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Yao is extremely knowledgeable in his field. My kids took to him right away. Dr. Yao explained what the plan was step-by-step and gave us a rough timeframe of when each treatment would occur. Dr. Yao was very cautious in treating my kids… he didn’t try to speed up the process if he didn’t feel they were ready.  He was timely and efficient when he felt the time was right…we were happy with that.   My kids have great teeth and beautiful smiles… we’re very fortunate to have had Dr. Yao treat the kids. Dr. Yao was always available via email or phone to us. That made things go smooth when we needed to reach him for anything”.

– Rana Mogannam

“Dr. Yao is very dynamic, knowledgable and easy to work with. He explained what he was going to do before, during and after the consultation. Dr. Yao has a great personality; I would emphatically refer him to all my friends and family!”

                                                                                                          – Frank Ayala

“Dr. Yao demonstrates professional excellence in appearance, character and manners. Clearly knowledgeable and VERY enthusiastic about orthodontics!!  Dr. Yao always demonstrated with teeth models, or on my son’s mouth exactly what treatment was being done and what the goals were of such. One of the most noticeable strengths of Dr. Yao is his relentlessly positive attitude. Patient beyond any call of duty. Very friendly, easy to get along with. My son Kyle had MAJOR orthodontic problems. His confidence was devastated. The teasing at school was horrible and relentless. Kyle’s teeth turned into a real mess when his grown up teeth came in. The before and after pictures say it all!! LOOK at that miracle. We’re VERY happy with the results!! Dr. Yao has the best attitude I’ve ever experienced with a medical professional. He clearly enjoys his work. Shows enthusiastic motivation to learn more, get better. He’s someone I want to get involved with in business, should the opportunity ever present itself. Honest, reliable, dedicated, very easy to deal with. Pays attention to all the details, including reminder emails about appointments, questions, treatments. I highly recommend him for orthodontic treatments, as well as a good hand of the best character. His past, present, and future patients are vey lucky to have crossed paths with him. THANK YOU, DR YAO!!”

– John Martin

“Dr. Yao appeared as a clean-cut, vibrant doctor, and with each interaction I had with him, he consistently confirmed this first impression. I am in no way competent in the field of orthodontics but Dr. Yao explained everything step-by-step in a clear and concise manner that allowed me to comprehend. I felt Dr. Yao showed me great respect by making sure I was aware and understood my treatment options by inviting me to take part in the whole process – I felt I was well informed. Having braces at an older age I often felt awkward and uncomfortable with my mouth but Dr. Yao was very considerate and respectful and since he had braces throughout my treatment I felt he understood/related to my situation. I believe Dr. Yao drew on his personal experience to create a safe environment, encouraging and informative dialogue and precise and timely execution. This not only made my treatment overall more enjoyable but fun! My mom and I would actually look forward to our monthly visits because of Dr. Yao’s positive and pleasant energy – personable but very professional! In my particular case I had an impacted left canine. My tooth was stuck in the roof of my mouth for about 8 years until I began my treatment with Dr. Yao. To say the least I was 100%, without-a-doubt, emphatically pleased with my results! Dr. Yao paid mind to the slightest details during my treatment that upon removal of my braces I received compliments such as “flawless” and “beautiful”. I was definitely satisfied with my results”.

                                                                                                         – Tiana Smith


Yao Orthodontics offers the most effective orthodontic treatments available with financing which makes it more affordable than ever before. We create beautiful smiles for kids, teens and adults in and around Saratoga, CA.

Dr William Yao offers the most advanced braces for children, braces for teens and adult braces, including;metal braces; Damon clear braces, Invisalign for adults, Invisalign for teens, and more. Call:(408) 379-1400FREE Consultation for braces or Invisalign at our Saratoga, CA Orthodontist office.